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With The Red Dirt Band singer/songwriter Joel Smoker has recorded six distinctive albums with a strong Australian country flavour. The first album, Out on Highway One explores the themes of leaving home and discovering the world. Outback reflects Joel's Kimberley experiences both growing up as a child and returning to the heartland later as an adult. The Flesh and the Spirit explores more internal issues. The Road to Nullagine is a four song EP reflecting Joel's experiences in the north west of this state. Smile deals with the passage of time and how it affects us all. His latest recording, Heaven, is a six song CD of original gospel songs. The Human Condition is the fifth full length album from Joel Smoker, who adopts the role of a jester holding a mirror up to us with fourteen songs that reflect our lives.

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The Human Condition

 2013 Joel Smoker

Heaven CD cover

2007 Joel Smoker

Smile CD cover

2006 Joel Smoker

Road to Nullagine CD cover

 2005 Joel Smoker's Big Combo

Flesh and the Spirit cover

1999 Joel Smoker and the Red Dirt Band

Outback CD cover

1995 Joel Smoker and the Red Dirt Band

CD ($25) or audio cassette ($20)

Out on Highway One cover

CD or audio cassette

1989 Joel Smoker and the Red Dirt Band

Highway One is the road that you take if you want to see Australia.



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